The Christmas Lies and Mr. Trump

Santa Clause
Santa Clause

There you go again. Media are going crazy against Trump again. President is again attacked criticized and ridiculed by media across the nation. Hey I’ve heard these articles before. Right before the past election, media were so sure of Clinton’s victory, I actually bought that. Well you know what happened at the November election.

It’s like a Santa Clause story on Christmas. Parents are supposed to lie on Santa. Hollywood films on Christmas are pushing those non-believers at corner. What! You think Santa is a fantasy? Poor soul. How can you so stupid? Well. No matter what they say in television and theater, trust me, there is no Santa Clause. However, parents and society in general do this again next year pretending as if Santa is really coming on Christmas day. But I’ve already outgrown the Santa fantasy. I know Santa is not there. And I know Trump is gonna win in November. Wake up folks. Get real. Stop pretending you don’t know the reality. Whether you like it or not, probably you will live another four years under Trump rule.

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