How Could You Do That, Mr. Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein will leave his name forever in Hollywood, of course, in a very negative way. He has been a horrible sex predator according to the accusations against him.

The story of those sex-crazy guys in Hollywood is no surprise at all. We have seen or heard a lot of those kinds of things often. But Weinstein’s case is different.

We are just shocked that he, Mr. Harvey Weinstein, has been doing these dirty things so far. He was a strong advocate of human rights issues fighting against poverty and AIDS. His films, either directed or produced by him, have sent positive messages to society and the moviegoers.

Now, in retrospect, I feel really sorry about the actors and actress in his films. Many of them had to endure the horrible pains and sufferings inflicted by Weinstein to get the jobs. Then those people had to act to send positive messages to the views in the films. I guess when the actor or actress went back home after the day’s work is over in the studio, he or she must be grossly confused between what he or she had to suffer from Wenstein and what he or she delivered through acting.

Hollywood has told us to respect human rights and equal treatment. Hollywood has showed that good people will prevail against the evil in the end. Well, now we know in fact, Hollywood itself is the evil somehow. Not 40’s or 50’s. But in this 21st century, we again came to realize that it is just a show after all.

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