Stop the Nonsense. There Was No Consent

O.K. I’ve had it enough. Those Japanese insist that there was consensus element in the “Comfort Women” issues. As it were, the comfort woman “voluntarily” entered in to the workplaces with a full knowledge on what they were going to suffer.

I will tell you what. It does not matter whether there was a contract, voluntary action or whatever. The point is that many of the comfort women were under 17 at that time of “voluntary” participation.

That means the so called consent, if any, cannot be the legal evidence at all by the law. It is clearly “statutory rape” a felony. A statutory rape is nonforcible sexual activity in which one of the individuals is below the age of consent. So forget the consent. You will get between one year and forty years of prison sentence in the U.S. for the statutory rape.

So, please don’t say it was mutual, for god’s sake. It was not. And just look into the eyes of your teen daughter, if any, before shamefully try to justify what the bastards did in old Japanese military.

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