Mayor Park Found Dead

Mr. Won Soon Park
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Mr. Won Soon Park, the mayor of Seoul city, was found dead in a mountain in Seoul today. Police announced it had found his body after hours of extensive search. The search was initiated after Mr. Park’s daughter reported his missing to the police on July 9, 2020 (local time).

The information leading to his cause of apprant suicide is uncertain yet. But it is confirmed that a police complaint against him was filed by his ex-secretary on July 9, 2020 indicating some sex crimes inflicted by him.

Mr. Park was a respected attorney advocating human rights in Korea before he was elected as a mayor of Seoul in 2011. After 9 years of service as the mayor, he became one of hopeful candicates of ruling party in the coming Presidential election.

Up on his sudden death, Korea is in deep shock and sorrow. Also, many versions of conspiracy theories are expected to circulate in Korean society regarding this unfortunate incident. He was the third persons in this regime who suddenly dropped out of political career due to sex crimes following Mr. Hee Jung Ahn, a former governor of Chungnam province and Mr. Geo Don Oh, a former mayor of Busan city.

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