Laugh Today, Weep Tomorrow?

If the Conservatives win the 2022 presidential election in Korea, (wait! cool down. I mean IF, OK?) the new regime may:

  • Fire all heads in every corner of public sector and fill the seats with their people
  • Put ex-president in jail to the death
  • Arrest anyone doing something favorable to North Korean regime ignoring the freedom of expression
  • Let all criminals friendly to the ruling regime loose or be pardoned
  • Prosecute all people against the regime for any excuses
  • Destroy fundamentals of domestic economy for political manipulations
  • Refuse to talk to opposition party
  • Consider any political process as a total war
  • Scare political opponents using mobs and thugs
  • And many other outrageous things.

Scary? Yes. It is bloody spooky. When these things happen, I am ready to stand up and fight against this tyranny. But then, the guy from the ruling class will stare into my eyes and say this with deriding laugh. “Oh, yeah? You want to defend the law and justice in Korea? Ha Ha. That’s funny. Then, let me ask you just one thing.

What did you when Liberals did exactly the same things under Moon’s regime?”

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