The Riddles of Coronavirus

The State of Florida on this past Thursday reported 156 new fatalities, its highest number. It now is one of 10 states to reach a record for deaths in a single day this week. Many counties in the U.S. are reporting worse coronavirus case rates per capita than ever.

The question is: Is the government handling this pandemic well in the U.S.? Unfortunately the answer would be no. In fact, it’s not the problem of government. Maybe the state of the art technology in medical industry cannot handle this one properly. We may not win in this war with pandemic for a long time. Instead of blaming government or industry or any one, maybe it is time to accept this. That we do not know about this pandemic well enough yet.

For example, we do not know why China seems to control this pandemic efficiently ( Suppose we trust the announcements by Chinese government), why the motality rate in Korea is so low, and why situation of Japan gets worse. Actually there are too many questions unanswered.

We only hope that someday we can get over these all. Then we will say ” there was a time when you could not go out without face mask, I mean it.”

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