Life in A.D. (After Disease) 10

While China is said to hold Coronavirus under control, most of Western countries are struggling with the pandemic. Now is the time to admit that this pandemic is not going to just go away overnight. We need to know how to live with this pandemic for a year, two years more maybe three years more.

In the worst scenario, we may have to live with this new-normal. The good old days may not return. This pandemic will change the way we enjoy theaters, schools, libraries, stadiums, sports clubs and so on.

Maybe we can find a way to resolve this one sooner or later. But I guess the other new types of pandemic will be coming from somewhere in China anyway. And we will have the third, and fourth types of pandemic eventually. Maybe this generation will end the ever-growing life expectancy since the Second World War.

Too pessimistic? Maybe. But what is happening in the world is so sur-real, I will not be surprised much if this worst scenario comes real.

Well. Maybe we need to accept this new lifestyle under the pandemic. Stay away from public places if possible. Wear face mask. Do not touch anything outside of house. Stay home. Like that.

Fine. But I know, after a decade more like this, the human race will forget what the world was like before Coronavirus.

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