Where Is the Beef, By the Way?

We knew Japanese government was hiding the truth on the pandemic in Japan before it postponed the Olympic Games. While Japan was celebrating the so-called victory in the war against the pandemic, the number of dormant patients was creeping on and on. I even heard an argument when it looked good by a Japanese expert saying the DNA of Japanese people were pandemic-resistant as some sort of blessing from heaven.

Well, we need to know the law of cause and effect relation works. It just doesn’t go away if you hide a problem. In a way president Moon and his regime are managing a risky business now. On one hand it promises better society pouring huge tax money. On the other hand, it is squeezing corporations to get the taxes. How can you satisfy those hungry people with higher expectation when you cannot find any corporations to milk?

Then the people supporting this regime will upset. Yet we do not know whether the people’s anger would be oriented to regime with so many lies or to a handful of riches in Korea. If the riches become targets, you may see a Venezuela in East Asia.

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