Different But Same? Trump and Moon

We all know Mr. Trump in U.S. and Mr. Moon in Korea stand for opposite political sides. One for right, the other for left. No wonder they don’t get along well. But in fact they can become close friends as both are taking a same track nowadays. First, both are brutal on the opposition party. Both have not-so-clean staffs around them, but both fiercely protect his supporters and staffs taking risky positions in light of the constitution.

Above all, both are turning blind eyes on plight of real people for the pleasure of his supporters. Both know the opposition are not strong enough to deter anything. Both are lamenting that their days are numbered. Maybe one of differences between them is that while Mr. Trump can win in the coming election no matter what, Mr. Moon will have to step down in two years. That’s why Mr. Moon seems to be more desperate for the fear of the leaving. Don’t be surprised if you hear a news that some family members of president Moon have left this country for “business” reasons soon.

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