The Policy of “It’s All Your fault”

There was a mass demonstration at downtown Seoul on August 15, 2020. The people expressed their strong feeling of anger, distrust and protest against Moon’s regime, especially on the issues of North Korea, covina 19 and others.

The Korean government condemned the protesters saying they were spreading the covina 19 virus in violation of an order. President Moon personally attacked the protesters promising utmost punishment to those participated in the protest.

On August 15, 2020, there were a lot of other protest by labor unions or pro-government organizations. But the mainstream media is so silent on those people. The ruling party and propaganda media are making a threat that if anything goes wrong, all that is the opposition’s fault.

Funny, I say. The protest was made to criticize the Moon’s lenient policy, including the one against Chinese visitors despite the health risk.

It looks like the government is asking the people to take one of the two options. One is to just sit tight and watch the deteriorating corona situation by the government. The other is to get blamed for spreading the virus through public protest.

In short, if it goes well, it’s because of Moon’s great leadership. But if it ain’t goes well, it is because of the opposition’s fault. How simple.

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