Why We See Napoleon from Moon Jae In

South Korean president Moon Jae In and Napoleon in the famous story of “Animal Farm” by Georg Orwell share a lot of similarities. Let’s start with Napoleon.

Napoleon became a leader of grumpy animals in the farm after he ousted the alcoholic farmer and Snowball, a moderate rival of Napoleon by agitating animals. In so doing, Napoleon and his clan did a critical level of character assassination against Snowball. Napoleon promised an equally affluent society to the animals at the height of revolution. However, after he became the great leader of the animal, he and his clan actually impoverished his supporters while enjoying isolated luxury by themselves.

In the meantime, those poor animals did not notice that the difference between propaganda and reality. The poor animals had to endure and suffer for a long time because, to their ignorance and by the propaganda from Napoleon clan, they had already eliminated all the possible rivals of Napoleon.

Napoleon betrayed the very interest of his own supporters because his regime would be much safer with impoverished animals, easily satisfied by a crust of bread disseminated randomly by the regime. Also Napoleon was very good at blaming others for all the troubles he created. After all, those are just animals, you know.

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