Sorry, We’ve Wasted All of Your Money

Yes. I know. I know we are in the middle of crisis. But I do not want to be a shameless grandfather in the future. This regime seems to be determined to spend every dime of the national treasure. In addition to the spending like a drunken sailor, this regime is going to incur a huge amount of debt. Well. Then there are more stories. This regime is about to drive our social systems like pension and national health to the edge by depleting the fund therein.

Especially, the sad thing is that in the future, we may have to ask our grandchildren to pay for our pension and health care expenses because we used them up already even though this generous system that we have now will not be working for them.

Would they, the future generation of Korea, understand and forgive our extravaganza? Or would they be angry at our greed and spending spree? I don’t know. I just wish Mr. Moon live long enough to justify his policies in front of angry young kids in the future.

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