The Vocal Angry White

It is still unclear whether Mr. Trump can be re-elected this year yet. But it is interesting to note that Mr. Trump, despite all the curses and criticism from the media, proved that he has a very strong support group in the U.S.

The media tend to depict those “Trump people” as someone living in small town in poverty with lower intellectual level. Well, maybe it is right. However, the liberals as well as media obviously forget to sense the anger and fristration of those people living outside of big cities. Yes. They are angry. They piss off. They rarely express their opinion in public and dodge the poll as much as possible. it is hard to hear their voices in the media dominated by liberals. Nonetheless, those are the people who have been very eager to cast their ballots in every recent elections. This election in 2020 again proved that there are the silent mass out there in America.



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