After All, This Was A Democratic Country, Wasn’t It?

President Park Chung Hee
President Park Chung Hee in military uniform

Back in middle school, I had tasted the democracy in classes. One day, our teacher told us that “separation of power” among the three branches of government is the very basis of modern democracy. In my memory, he was young and a good teacher. He also said that’s the main difference between democracy and communism. I vaguely remember that he was trying to tell us that in communist country, communist party is the only power source. When he said those stuff, like other kids in the class, I felt strange. Back then, Korea was under authoritative regime under President Park Chung Hee. Maybe the teacher tried to criticize the bossing around Park’s regime indirectly.

After 40 years, now we have this regime. It is obvious Moon’s regime will not tolerate any deviation from its agenda by any body at all. Current collision with prosecution came from the strong will to control every corner of the government by the regime.

Let me tell you one thing. After 40 years in Korea, I came to believe that unanimity is not good and is not democratic in political sense. If all opposition gets silenced in Korea, what’s the difference between the old Park’s regime and current one? Come on. We cannot go back to 40 years ago, after all, can we? At least, last time I check this was a democratic country. My dear teacher would turn around in his coffin if he sees what’s going on now.

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