“In The Name Of God, Go” A Cry For Change

Leopold Amery
Leopold Amery

On May 7, 1940,  Mr. Leopold Amery, in the House of Commons, rose and addressed to Chamberlain the famous words that Cromwell had said to the Long Parliament 300 years before:

‘You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go!” This was, in fact, one of the turning points in the history of humankind. The day, forty Conservatives voted against Chamberlain, and another 60 abstained. With this tremendous blow, Mr. Chamberlain resigned three days later. Then Mr. Winston Churchill became Prime Minister. 

Mr. Chamberlain, a long-term advocate of failed appeasement policy against Nazi Germany, had to disappear to the back alley of history after this day of resignation. His clumsy, outdated, and above all stupid policy to make a peace with Nazis not only pushed the entire nation to the terrible war and almost ruined the entire civilization. 

Thanks to Churchill, the world was saved from the tyranny of fascism and Nazism eventually. A timely change of leadership saved the U.K., in the critical moment. Isn’t this lovely? Good for U.K.


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