A Long U-Turn to K-Democracy?

Forget the “freedom of expression.” It would be punishable in Korea if you express your own opinion on 5.18 Movement occurred in 1980 different from the regime’s guideline or if you try to send some leaflets to north Korea.  It may start from the leaflets or 5.18 Movement. But what would come next? If regime wants us just to shut up and follow the instruction from the regime, it surely suppress diverse opinions in the society.

Wait. What is this? People should think only in one way as they are fed by regimes’s spoon? Gosh, last time I checked, I was living in democratic side of Korean peninsula. In U.S., even the naysayers on holocaust are not criminally punished. When those guys threw Molotov cocktails to riot police back in 80’s, I thought they are demanding a full-scale, western style democracy, not the K-democracy crap.

Maybe I was wrong. After all, those ruling people who used to be rebellious college kids seem to prefer this K-democracy now. As it were, the so-called K-democracy was claimed by regime then and is claimed by regime now.  Then, one question still remains. For whom the M-cocktails were thrown to?

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