Santa Claus Fantasy and Socialists’ Paradise 산타 클로스 환타지와 사회주의 낙원

Santa Claus

Let me ask you one thing. When did you get to know that there is no Santa Clause? No flying raindeers, no ho-ho-ho, no north pole factory, and definitely no elves. It is sad but it is something you need to swallow to grow up.

However, even today, we see bunch of TV programs, films and other stuffs trying to convince the kids to believe Santa is not a fake. It’s OK for a time being to pretend as if the whole Santa story is real just to cheer up kids. But eventually, there comes a time that you must tell them the truth. That Santa story is just a fantasy.

The fantasy of socialism is still looming around us. Many politicians have lied to the people that they can achieve economic prosperity and social justice on the way to socialism. We have seen those futile efforts in Russia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. Still many socialists refuse to admit the failure and condemn the outside factors for the failure of Socialism.

Of course, we all know the public in general are not smart. They may dance to your tune for a while as we have seen the Red Guards in Chinese Cultural Revolution. But hey, they will not be your playthings any more once they get to know that you cannot give them what you have promised.

After all, the socialists’ promise is like Santa Claus. It just is not real. No matter how many times you pray for the Christmas miracle, you will not see the socialists’ paradise here on earth. Then, you may ask yourself. Why in the world is this regime promising the socialists’ paradise to me? I will tell you why. They think you are still a kid. So grow up, Socialists. No Santa Claus. O.K.? Sorry to wake you up, BTW.

사회주의 낙원은 산타 클로스 이야기 만큼 환상이다. 어린이들도 일정한 나이가 되면 산타 이야기가 사실이 아니라는 것을 안다. 물론 사회주의자들은 끊임없이 이야기를 만들며 사회주의 낙원이 마치 가능한 것 처럼 사람들을 속인다. 하지만 언젠가 그 환상이 사실이 아님을 알게 될 때, 그들의 종말이 올 것이다.

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