Where is Waldo? We are Searching for Moon

Have you seen President Moon lately? While Korea is experiencing one of the most difficult times in modern history, we have some difficulty to locate Moon. We do remember that he promised to be a close friend of people when he was elected. But in fact, he is hiding somewhere when we need him. No press conference, no speech in parliament, no public appearance. We have no idea what he is thinking not to speak of where he is located.

Last time we checked, this was a democratic country. We do not want a mysterious monarch. God can be hiding himself behind the clouds, but the president should show himself to public as he is being paid for the position. however, we only hear some vague oracles from the Blue House through his aids.

It will get worse when rumors about his condition spread after his long period of no-show. Of course, we wish him good health. But in case you feel blue these days for any reason, take it easy, Mr. Moon. You still have a long year to go. I know, it is bloody long.

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