Iran considers Korea as a Sucker 이란이 한국을 호구로 보는 증거


On January 5, 2021, it gets public that Iran took Korean oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz though the tanker was in the open sea. What’s going on? Where are the manners? Even the worst kind of evil countries like North Korea, do not threaten a commercial vessel at open sea in violation of international laws. Yeah it did once in 1968 kidnapping USS Pueblo in international waters. But it was 50 years ago, for god’s sake.

We all know, Iran wants to attack the softest belly of U.S. block, which happens to be Korea. Korean government is known to Islamic zealots as as an easy prey because of so-called “Sammul incident” in 2007. In that incident, Korean government was blamed for actually negotiating with those kidnappers in Afganistan without dignity.

We guess Korean government, out of fear from internal criticism, will negotiate with Iranian government immediately. Eventually, Iranians will get what they want whatever it will be, and Korean government will get the tanker back, claiming it as another “great diplomatic victory.” Alas. What can you do? Korean government has neither aircraft carriers full of bombers nor guts to play hard here.

이란 정부의 유조선 납치 사건은 불행히도 한국이 아무 힘이 없다는 것을 입증하며 끝날 것으로 예상된다.

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