Was Confucius an American? 중국의 노인 방치 정책


Chinese government is waging a fanatical campaign of vaccination against Covid 19 now. in China, all people are getting a free shot. Oh, only one group of people are excluded. The seniors. Anyone over 60 years old are discouraged to get the shot.

All right. We understand. When everyone cannot be satisfied, there should be a pecking order. But everywhere, seniors are expelled from workplaces for their ages. Seniors are often rejected by insurance companies for their ages. Now, seniors are like leftovers even in China. We have thought the old philosopher Confucius was Chinese. Confucius taught that society should respect elders and seniors. Maybe the rumor that he was actually an American is true.

예의를 중시한다는 중국에서 정작 노인들은 백신 접종을 받지 못한다고 한다.

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