Cleopatra and The Collateral Casualties of Debates on Whitewashing 화이트 워싱 문제의 아시아적 관점

Kim's Convenience
Kim's Convenience

Israeli actress Ms. Gal Gadot is facing a huge backlash for her role in film “Cleopatra” currently. We understand why many Egyptians are so upset about it.

In the meantime, the fuss over this Jewish version of Egyptian heroin casts another side of whitewashing issue. That is; can Chinese actor play Koreans?  For example, “Kim’s Convenience is a popular Canadian television sitcom that premiered on CBC Television in October 2016. There, you can see many actors and actresses playing Korean immigrants to Canada though they have no Korean heritages.

Is it fair? Shouldn’t they turn the roles to other hungry Korean actors and actresses in Canada? It is extremely rare for Korean Canadians to have a program showing Koreans in Canada.

But, on the other hand, many Korean-Canadians or Korean-Americans are playing Japanese or Chinese role in films. So the bottom line is: Where is the guideline?

Before you jump to join the mass to blame Ms. Gadot for being “greedy’ and “politically insensitive,” you need to think about those other issues like “nationality-washing.” What? You cannot tell the difference among Koreans, Japanese and Chinese? Well, like millions of whites out there, you just hurt billions of Asians, seriously.

영화 “클레오파트라”에서 “화이트 워싱”이 문제인 가운데, 서구 영화계의 동양인 배우들은 난처한 상황에 처해 있다.

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