Japan’s Choice About Olympic Games 2021 올림픽의 예상은?

Let’s face the reality. The roses are red. Sky is blue. And no Tokyo Olympic as we knew it this year.

We are so sorry for Japanese people. It just reminds us the ill-fated 1940 Tokyo Olympic. Imperial Japan tried but failed to show off what Japan had achieved so far through Olympic at that time. Japan tries and is to fail again what it has achieved so far.

Of course, Japan may go on and hold the summer Olympic regardless of pandemic. Japan has already spent too much money for the Olympic. It would be disastrous for Japan to cancel it.

1940 ToKyo Olympic
1940 ToKyo Olympic

But if Japan holds the Olympic, it also would be a huge disaster both in and out of Japan. People around the world would blame Japan if any breakout happens in anywhere after the Olympic. Japanese people can be stigmatized as Typhoid Marys of modern days.

Maybe as a compromise, Japan would have the Olympic without or few tourists. It would be totally different Game compared to what we used to know about Olympic. But what can you do? They used to say participation is more important than victory in sports. Wasn’t that right?

1940년 동경 올림픽의 악몽은 재현될 것인가? 2021 동경 올림픽의 피할 수 없는 수순

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