Recession! Finally? 결국 불황인가

거리의 폐업한 상점들
거리의 폐업한 상점들

The number says it all. According to official announcement by The Bank of Korea, Korean economy recorded minus 1 % of growth rate in 2020. Despite all praises on “k-economy last year in Korea,” this number is simply shocking.

This growth rate is the worst since 1998, when so-called IMF crisis troubled Korea. While other neighboring economy such as Taiwan is making positive growth, Korea is hard hit by pandemic in 2020.

Moon regime has been saying Korean economy is O.K. Now, with the numbers out, the regime may change it by saying “economy is not important.” Well, sorry. It’s the economy, stupid.

자화자찬의 성찬속에 2020년도 한국 경제의 성적표가 나왔다.

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