You Are What You Eat 바른 먹거리가 뜻하는 것

normal lunch in Korea
normal lunch in Korea

What can you buy for your lunch for 7 dollars? In States, you can have a nice combo at McDonalds’. Honestly, it is not bad. Especially when you can get drink as much as you want.

A Combo at McDonalds
A Combo at McDonalds’

With that 7 dollars, you can get the set of lunch in Korea. Some people argue that Korean dishes are better in terms of nutrition balance and diet. However, others argue American diet is better in terms of taste and nutrition.

People’s diet defines the people themselves. The life expectancy, health, and way of thinking. Foods are not just for physical survival. Foods mean a lot of other things. You’d better think about what you eat everyday. Because what you eat today may be not the right thing.

나라마다 다른 먹거리는 삶의 여러 면을 규정한다

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