Celebrate What? Remember the Past History 무엇을 축하하나, 중공군의 기억?

American soldiers in Korean War
American soldiers in Korean War

The People’s Daily of China reported yesterday that Korean President Moon had a phone conversation with Chinese President Xi. During the conversation, Moon “truly celebrated the 100th year anniversary of Chinese Communist Party,” it reported.

Moon’s parents used to live in north Korea before the Korean War. When the war broke out, his parents moved to south as Chinese troops invaded Korea. It is interesting to note that his parents had to evacuate the home town to escape out of fear of Chinese invasion.

We know Korea and China have had lots of mutual contacts in history so far. But are there any benefits or positive things from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to Korea except the terrible agony by the invasion during the Korean War?

January 26, the day Moon praised the CCP for its history, was 70th anniversary of fierce battle around Seoul during the Korean war. On the day, tens of thousands soldiers, both (south) Korean and American, fought with Chinese invaders despite bitter coldness to recapture the capital of Republic. Many young men never return to home during the battle. If they can hear what Moon said yesterday, what would they say?

Just one thing to remember. Liberals used to quote “there is no future for the people who forget the past history” We just want to remind them of the phrase.

문재인 대통령이 중국 공산당 창당 100주년을 축하한 날은 한국 전쟁중 치열한 서울 탈환 전투가 벌어진 지 70주년이 되는 날이었다.


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