Bamboo Curtain Again? 홍콩 사태로 주목받는 죽의 장막

China Behind bamboo Curtain
China Behind bamboo Curtain

The UK government announced on January 31, 2021 Hong Kong residents can apply from Sunday for a new visa offering them an opportunity to become British citizens. While UK expects that the new visa policy can attract more than 300,000 people with loads of cash from Hong Kong, it may not be that easy.

Chinese government, as always, condemned U.K. for its “imperialistic” attitude and defines this policy as “intolerable interference of internal policy” of China. Beijing and Hong Kong authority, as Beijing’s puppet, will not just sit and watch those rich people escape to U.K.

China will take any measures to prevent any emigration outside of its borders. As it used to be before 1980s, China may shut down the border to keep its people inside and to “protect its people” from the “evil influence of the Western imperialism.” Well, we hope China is not installing the “Bamboo Curtain” again.

홍콩 주민들의 영국 이민 문제로 과거 중국의 “죽의 장막”정책이 다시 주목된다.

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