After Kimchi War, What Next? 김치 전쟁이후 중국이 주장할 것들

무안연근김치 EBS
무안연근김치 EBS

Chinese and South Korean keyboard warriors have been involved in a series of online disputes in recent months concerning various topics. But this time, a new kind of war is going on between Korea and China. It is the war of Kimchi.

Precisely, this war of Kimchi is about the origin of Kimchi. Chinese are arguing that Kimchi is Chinese food. We have heard those arguments from China so far. Chinese have claimed the status of origin for many things including spaghetti, pizza, noodles and so on.

We understand how much Chinese are unhappy with the slow spread of Chinese food in global market. Simply put, people in the U.S. or Europe do not like “authentic” Chinese foods as much as they love “westernized” Chinese foods.

Instead of marketing their own foods on global stage, which may take too much time, those Chinese decided to take a short cut. That’s why they claim that China is actually the source of many internationally famous foods.

Sooner or later, Chinese would start to claim that in fact it was the ancient China which invented hamburgers, apple pies, colas, french fries, fish & chips, sausages, hot dogs and sushi. If any one gets suspicious on that claim, they ‘re gonna ignore those oppositions as “ridiculous propaganda of western capitalists.”

That may not the end of story. You will hear those assertions from China afterwards that in fact it was the Chinese who built Pyramids, Colosseum, Parthenon and all other ancient structures. So Chinese say Queen Cleopatra was speaking putonghua, right?  Interesting.

중국이 오늘 김치를 탐내지만 내일은  햄버거와 애플파이를 주장할 것이다

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