Stupid and Evil Government in Thailand 무능하고 나쁜 태국 정부

The military government in Thailand again proved the world that it is not only incapable and stupid but evil-minded in handling of domestic Covid 19 crisis. We have warned them already that the opening of the border to foreigners will incur a flood of new cases soon. But stupid and evil government in Thailand obviously did not care. (See: 코로나로 막다른 길에 몰린 개도국)

While it is quite understandable that Thai needs foreign money desperately, it is quite deplorable the Thai government keeps flip-flopping in terms of policies on the Pandemic.

The government imposed additional measures overnight including a ban on any gatherings and activities that can spread the virus, targeting any and all anti-government rallies that have criticized government’s handling of the pandemic.

How dare they allow inflow of foreigners when the vaccine rollout in Thailand is slugging with some 5% of the population fully vaccinated and 15% only partially. It is like a suicidal policy to open the border prematurely, In the middle of continuing fallacy by government, the daily cases surpassed 10,000 and the death toll hit a record 141 on July 17.

It looks like the total collapse of medical system would happen any time in the near future unless a miraculous scale-down of the Pandemic happens by the mercy of Buddha. In spite of numerous policy failures, no one in the government is claiming any sort of responsibility at all in Bankok. If things turn out worse, Thai government will find a scapegoat to blame for. It can be Buddha or some anti-government groups, we don’t know yet. One last advice to stupid and evil government in Thailand. For god’s sake, get a life, Mr. Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister.

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